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uSite University seeks to revolutionize the Knowledge Industry by creating an "Adult Education Tracking System" and introducing "Community/Citizen Education" which should be "Required or Creditable" to complete ones College Education.








Global "IMPACT" Education


Community/Citizen Education:


uSite University, designs, develops, and markets "Community/Citizen Education", instructional products and services that promotes "Good Citizenry".  (aka Community Sensitivity Training)


Community/Citizen Education is an exclusive set of Hybrid On-line/Off-line Civil Courses that anyone can take with No Formal College Enrollment Required.  Each Community/Citizen Course addresses "Public Issues" that have a direct impact on the communities in which we live.




There is no Public Education Platform or

College Program designed to teach:






Community/Citizen Education should be required of all;

  • College Students,

  • Trade School Students,

  • Teachers, Administrators, & Staff,

  • Corporate Employer Staff Training,

  • Ministers, Athletes, Celebrities, and Politicians,

  • Government Employees and Law Enforcement,

  • and recipients of Welfare & Public Service Programs.

Community/Citizen Education

  1. Same Sex Marriage

  2. Workplace Diversity

  3. Crime & Punishment

  4. Immigration

  5. Sexual Harassment

  6. Legalizing Drugs/Marijuana

  7. Voting "Yours Count"

  8. Weapons Ownership & Training

  9. World Religions

  10. Health Care Personal & Family

  11. Right to Die & Death Penalty

  12. and more

Sensitivity & Awareness

Education & Training




100 Million Americans
could benefit from this Education
Due to Proprietary Reasons Limited Information is Publicly Available, until Winter 2017
for more Detailed or Specific Information please call (916) 393-3934:
Tracking Education that occurs beyond the Classrooms..!



Email Support@uSite.com or MrDonald@uSite.com


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More Information Coming Winter 2017


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Mr. Donald, (Project Director)



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